Deby Adair is an Australian writer and artist. Her published works include children's books, short stories and essays.


An avid organic gardener and environmentalist, she loves all animals and believes we must take care of our natural world. Over the years, she counts herself fortunate to have shared her life with a variety of wonderful and inspirational animals, some of them inspiring her series, The Unicorns of Wish Books. 


Having participated in school events, she counts one of her favourites as having been chosen to read for the National Simultaneous Storytime, in Australia. 


Writing the Unicorn Kisses books has been a fascinating journey, not just for her readers but for the author, who has also created a huge body of accompanying artwork.

Book Five of The Unicorns of Wish Books - the final book of the series - will be released in late 2020!


This eventful, enthralling series - The Unicorns of Wish Books - has captured hearts worldwide. Throughout schools, and among  her readers, this series has opened up the hearts and minds of children, teachers and parents alike, to the magical and quintessential majesty of all the greatness, truth and beauty of the natural world and of the human spirit... wrapped in a bundle of fun-filled adventure and whimsical beauty starting with the younger age group with 'WISH' and taking readers for a journey into their early teens.


I am delighted to announce that 'Journey of Trees' - book five of The Unicorns of Wish Books is now available for pre-order from Amazon Kindle !

(The book’s release date will be in November 2020. ) The excitement of pre-order gives you the chance to be the very first to read the last book of the series. 


(For those readers who love to have a ‘real’ book in their hands, the Paperback will be released on a date to be advised. )


The cover for Journey of Trees is now being produced (and it’s a beauty,) and all of the work behind the scenes is going on to prepare a beautiful book.

From a writer's point of view, It’s a tricky business writing the last book of a series, particularly since this series was begun almost two decades ago (with lots of speed bumps in the road.) But 'the show must go on' and at last we will all know what happens to Rielle, Pud, Will, Sarragh, the First Ones and, of course, the unicorns!

I've loved writing this series (and am very close to my characters) but now I go on to finally produce, in colour with mixed mediums, the many, many sketches of artwork that goes with this series and I’m looking forward to that!


Thanks to wonderful readers who've read my many words, The Unicorns of Wish Books have  touched  the world... and that’s a lovely and exciting thing to happen.

Deby Adair