Deby Adair is an Australian writer and artist. Her published works include children's books, young adult books, non-fiction and short stories - (and artworks such as the covers to the Unicorns of Wish books and more!)

 She began to create a story about unicorns over forty years ago when she was a girl.

That story is now a series!


She loves all animals and believes we must

take care of our natural world.


​'The Unicorns of Wish Books have captivated readers worldwide and opened the hearts and minds of children, teachers and parents alike to the magical greatness, truth and beauty of the natural world and of the human spirit.

Wrapped in a bundle of adventure and whimsical beauty starting with the younger age group with 'WISH', and then taking readers for a journey into their early teens.'


Much loved chapter books by Deby Adair
Not all unicorn books are pink and fluffy. Some are seriously great reading.
Unicorn books for the thinking reader.