The original Unicorn Kisses. Deby Adair art. The Unicorns of Wish Books. - copyrighted
Unicorn Kisses-Deby Adair art. Unicorns of Wish Books.
Unicorn Kisses. Deby Adair art. Unicorns of Wish Books. Copyrighted Material Deby Adair

Deby Adair is an Australian writer and artist. Her published works include children's books, young adult books, adult fiction and non-fiction and short stories. Having participated in school events, she counts one of her favourites as having been chosen to read for the National Simultaneous Storytime, in Australia. 


An avid gardener and environmentalist, she loves all

animals and believes we must take care of our natural world.

Over the years she has shared her life with a variety of

wonderful and inspirational animals, some of them

inspiring her series -The Unicorns of Wish Books.

She has also created a significant body of accompanying artwork

that goes with the story.

'This eventful, enthralling series - The Unicorns of Wish Books - has captured hearts worldwide. Throughout schools, and among her readers, this series has opened up the hearts and minds of children, teachers and parents alike, to the magical and quintessential majesty of all the greatness, truth and beauty of the natural world and of the human spirit... wrapped in a bundle of fun-filled adventure and whimsical beauty starting with the younger age group with 'WISH' and taking readers for a journey into their early teens.'


I'm delighted that my series, The Unicorns of Wish Books, is now completed! And what a joy it's been writing them all.

Thanks to the wonderful readers who've read my many words, The Unicorns of Wish Books have  touched  the world... and that’s a lovely and exciting thing to happen.

Best wishes and joyous reading!

Deby Adair

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