Light Mind, Dark Mind - 'INK', by Deby Adair, is the first in a series of reflective explorations.

If you enjoy challenging ideas, then this little book might be for you.

Light Mind, Dark Mind - 'INK' by Deby Adair - 


Goodreads Reviewer, M Cardile 


'Without the trappings, or the baggage, of traditional and academic philosophy, the author - as a living human being, not a professional philosopher or trendy intellectual - asks the essential questions of one of philosophy's eternal, fundamental and indispensable, branches: epistemology, the study of knowledge and justified belief.
Not as a starting point, but as a deep, but natural, reflection on conditioned life's unexamined, senseless and enslaving assumptions, she asks, "But what is what we know? Why is it? Where did it come from? Who gave it to us? Who invented it?...Where is its context? Why is it considered normal?...Do we ask why anywhere often enough?
Her discussion of these matters is eloquent and vivid as it articulates lived and felt experiences that we can all share - not dry abstractions that are as tight and precise, but as limited and lifeless, as a mathematical proof. Although the topic can be challenging, the writing is intimate and lucid and carries you lightly along. For, with a novelist's mastery of language, she brings colour and context to these vital, yet too easily avoided and abandoned, questions.
Poignant points are energetically made, but this isn't a book of clever, shallow and cheap, smears and aspersions. Hers is not a voice of jaded cynicism, but is the sound of closely examined experience. Suggestions aren't withheld, but there's not a whiff of enforced didactic solutions. Rather, there's a tone of honest and determined resolve to face and understand what our experience of life really is. A resolve that, without unravelling into escapist romanticism, honours life as a miracle, and humbly and honestly views nature with a deep and loving awe.
Early on, the author makes known that, "All that my little book of thoughts wishes to express is a message - at birth you are clear waters and, as time goes by, you are moulded by ink - the ink of life, the ink of traditions inflicted on you, the ink of beliefs that come from all avenues, the ink of fear, the ink of pretension, the ink of blockage, the ink of caste; the ink of that known as knowledge - how much of it truly is? The ink of the man-made world around you."
I greatly enjoyed reading this little book of thoughts, and it got me thinking. The message's getting through. I'm very much looking forward to the next essay in the series.'