Review for “Journey of Trees” - Mario Cardile – Amazon reviewer.


Captured by its plot, charmed by its characters, stirred by its insights and carried by its distinct and fetching language, I was transported and delighted by this book. This book, Journey of Trees, the last book in the Unicorns of Wish series, is itself a fascinating journey and, like all great books, an unforgettable and transformative experience.


It tells of momentous events where evil forces are taking over a world whose beauty has been maimed, and whose peace is being destroyed. The stupendous and heroic awakening and regrouping of the Trees is central to the ultimate defeat of the dark forces that had nearly engulfed and enslaved the world.


The story has so many threads that interweave and form a tale moving in pace and moving in impact. I sometimes found myself smiling, and sometimes laughing even. Yet sometimes my eyes moistened as the suffering, the shock and the loss were just too real. Such is the skill of the writer and the passion in her writing.


The writing is distinct. The prose is often majestic, with a formality that is fluid rather than ponderous, and is vivid and visceral rather than abstract and distant. I’m awed by the extent and integrity of the writer’s imagination. But her intimate perception of, and connection with, nature’s wonders are all too evident and real. The descriptions of birds and their behaviour, of trees, those wondrous and vital living beings, and of other various entities, and aspects and elements of nature reveal the artist’s attuned, admiring, senses that connect, with love and understanding, her soul with nature’s terrors and beauties, be they raw and awesome, be they fragile and exquisite, or anything in between. These descriptions exude love and admiration for nature’s glories, but do it with no self-consciousness, no affectation, no sermonising and no sanctimoniousness. The passion is always evident, but never strident. She doesn’t have to convince you that these animals, plants and elements have personalities: nature’s manifestations are personified and you simply feel their personalities.

The artist’s talent is patent and palpable, a tool wielded by the urges of care and compassion for nature and for life.


Sometimes the pace of the action is like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And then there are some passages whose poetic cadences float you.

And you float, with ease and with delight.

There are happenings and sequences of epic magnitude and stunning sweep.

And then there are lines such as this: “Yet a gift may become a burden.”

So smoothly prodding with its pithy perfection - and yet so real.

There are shocking betrayals, and staunch and valiant loyalties; sudden

and harrowing losses, and fantastic, triumphant rescues.


Take a journey of adventure, enjoy a work of beauty, and may you even

resonate and reconnect with nature and your innate wisdom.

This all awaits you when you embark on  Journey of Trees. Bon Voyage.




The Unicorns of Wish books

by Deby Adair

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