Fantasy Stories for Kids - Children and Heart Songs

All children have dreams. Some dreams are big and some are small but they are all important, each and every one of them. Dreams are our mission, our imagination, our soul whispering and sometimes, shouting to us.

I am a dream-chaser.

Dreams have nothing to do with ambition or market values or fame. Our dreams are like precious little packets that the heart releases to the mind, (not the other way around,) bit by bit, allowing them to unfold over time into grand and glorious realities, whether they be to help stop world hunger or to crochet and knit the most beautiful throw rug ever… dreams are our vibrant inner selves speaking to us, opening doors in what would otherwise be dark tunnels of emptiness.

When a child speaks of their precious dreaming and the plans they are seeing in their mind’s eye for their life, listen. Listen and understand that how you react in your role as an adult is the portal to helping them create themselves; the gateway to open or shut.

Some children will follow their dreams whether they are encouraged by others or not. Some children are strong and have great will, but others are like fragile plants growing on the edges of a railway line.

It is the place and the role of every adult, whether you have met and made your own dreams yet, or not, to hold your hand out in love to the children you meet. They are us and we are them. Be generous with your kindness, your time and your open gate.

Daydreaming, imagination, play, time to think… these are precious gifts to a child.

Close the lid of the laptop, turn off the television. Life and all its aspirations will not come from bright lights and noise, but from the deeply personal power of the individual to listen to their heart-song.

Unicorn Kisses to all. Deby Adair. May 2014

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