Fantasy Books for Children - The Legend of 'The Unicorns of Wish'


 The Legend of WISH


Rising from the mists of sunset and reaching into dawn’s surprise, there is a land called Wish. Guarded by ponds and watched by noble keepers, Wish awaits and prepares for adventures.


One day, a warrior dressed in splendid clothes, and handsome as he was rich, charged the shores of Wish. His desire was to slay a unicorn. He wanted the golden horn for its hidden powers and wisdom.


No matter how much he was told that a unicorn’s horn was of no use to anyone, he would not listen and would not be told. He wasn’t wanted in Wish and was heartily ignored, but the warrior returned again and again; he would not be swayed. It was his wish and his desire to have the horn of a unicorn.

He promised a huge reward to those in the land. But what did they care for bullion or gold? Would it make them strong? Give them wisdom? Teach them to be brave, kind, or fair?


There lived a sorcerer in Wish, and he too ignored the warrior’s plea, but then one sad and foreboding night the sorcerer came forward with a changed mind. And so it was. The sorcerer told the warrior where he could find a unicorn and having done his duty he asked to have his gold, but the warrior was well studied and he knew the ancient lore… mighty unicorns would not appear for just anyone, so he ordered the sorcerer to bring a unicorn to him.


He sat and waited when all his trickery was complete, on a boulder of a path well used. He held his breath and waited for a sacred unicorn. Meanwhile the warrior hid in bushes nearby, with his arrows and crossbow held ready, his handsome face excited and aglow!


Soon it happened. The wait was neither long nor hard before a pure white unicorn, with shy, soft steps, made herself known. Her breathtaking golden horn shone brightly as her gossamer mane and tail flowed in all their glory to the ground. With innocent eyes open and wide, the unicorn spoke like this: ‘With your once kind heart now turned cold, would you sell your soul and kill virtue, for gold? You are not a maiden, so I offer you a chance: withdraw, send the warrior away and save yourself while you can.’


Excerpt- 'The Legend' from The Unicorns of WISH Series by Deby Adair





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