“Rich, mystical, beautiful, joyful, empowering, life-affirming. I love this series! I wish I'd had the Unicorns of Wish books to read when I was a child and teen. So glad to have them now!” Kate Serandini


“Wonderment, intrigue and wisdoms. As soon as you start to read the first sentence of “Wish” the room darkens and the moon and stars appear above and the warm camp fire gives enough light to read by. Then you are transported to magic childlike worlds still alive within, regardless how old the body may be.” Mrs Terri Turner. (School professional.)


“Spellbinding...The Unicorns of Wish Books by Deby Adair and Unicorn Kisses, combine beautiful storytelling, complex and engaging characters, and a story that speaks to the reader on many levels. A JOY TO READ.”  Owain Taylor - Editor, Musician.


“A wonderful, thrilling tale. Quite simply, they were beautiful books. A real pleasure! If you asked me if The Unicorns of Wish Book Series was sitting on a book shelf alone or amongst hundreds of other books, whether I would buy them, then the answer is, "Yes! I would!" Their story is a wonderful, thrilling tale of adventure and friendship with amazing insights and morals, coupled with skilled writing and exquisite imagery which brings them powerfully to life.” Isabella Jacob. Writer, Poet, Actor, Academic.


“The Unicorns of Wish books are delightfully creative stories of bravery and resilience where dreams are challenged and fulfilled. I was totally engrossed

as heroine Rielle, her faithful

companion Pud, and the other

visitors to Wish, fight against

evil and discover unknown

strengths within themselves.

Each book is a great read and

highly recommended.”

Keri Balding. Author. Editor.


“Better than Harry. I never

thought there could be another

book series that drew me in as much as Harry Potter but then I read the Unicorn Kisses books. I became so attached to the characters. When things happened that seemed impossible to fix I tried to think of a logical way to fix it but I never thought to save the day the way Deby Adair always did. I love everything about the books! Thank you.” Emma. 12 year old reader.


'Wish - Magical. A lovely story of hope and dreams.  A beautiful book.” Illawarra Mercury (2009)


Loved by Teacher & Kids – “'Dear Deby Adair, my year 3 students are now even more engrossed and in love with your beautifully written books! This is so exciting. Thank you so much. Respect, admiration and inspiration.” Mrs Vicki Moses - Deputy Head Teacher Dapto School

“Imagination. In the Wish books, Deby Adair accomplishes this beautifully as she takes us through a tale involving unforgettable characters.

This series had me captivated. It is beautifully and very descriptively written and I identified with her characters as they proceeded through

this wonderful story. Inspirational and educational, this series is for everyone, all age groups. I am sure Ms Adair will go on to create more masterpieces.”

Martin George B.Sc. Hons.


“Wonderfully rich read. What a wonderfully rich experience the Wish books by Deby Adair are for me. Delightful and well told, they honour archetypal forces and dreams and the stuff of life that really matters: beauty and truth, love and

friendship, and the quest for identity and meaning.”

Karen Druce. Health Professional.


“Books for everyone. So talented and human. Every child would love to read and live in these complete human adventures. The Unicorns of Wish books by Deby Adair - Every school should have them in their libraries. I believe this

work is important and it should be known.”

Zenovia Martin. Writer. Author. Poet.


“A magical joy. I'm honoured to have a testimonial on Unicorn Kisses so that others can be taken to another world, as I was. These books by Deby Adair are simply magic! I cannot convey the joy of reading them. Brilliant in every way. Deby Adair's penning is amazing!”

Jennifer Connor Carolan.

“Fantastically beautiful. Deby Adair's Unicorn Kisses books is a fantastically beautiful series that not only provides a one-of-a-kind adventure, but also contains many great messages for the younger generation. The adventures of Rielle, her dog Pud, and Benny the Unicorn are heart-warming, exciting, entertaining and full of wonderment and surprise. As a child I often dreamed of unicorns and the innocent purity they symbolised. All of this and more comes to life in this series.” Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing.


“Fabulous books. I laughed, I cried, I sighed. Magic! The world is a richer place for having read these fabulous books by Deby Adair.”

Mrs Gaby Rai


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