The Unicorns of Wish Books


'Heart's flame sing loud and long

Bring me home with your brave song...'



"Tonight I discovered a secret.  One so bold that my being recoils.

Yet, despite the disbelief, my heart quickens with a reckless elation.

I cannot tell my secret. Not yet.

For others to know it they must follow me to places that 

whisper my name and draw the sinews of knowledge 

from my heart and mind..."

Book 4 - Hope. Suitable reading age - 12-16 years. Paperback & Kindle


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Read one book or more ... this is a series but each book can be read as a full story!

Goodreads: see review

Kayle rated : it was amazing. I began reading these when it was still just three books.. When I found out

there were more I knew I had to read the next books.
Hope, is a slightly new take on the original characters... things have changed in this fourth book, people

are older, wiser and they are now following bolder quests.
As usual, the writing gets you. It's beautiful and deep yet moments later you can be thrown into

full-on adventure and it's a great mix, your mind laps it up. Still filled with themes of good and evil,

my favourites are Pud's own chapters, the awesome introduction of Sarragh and the mystical characters

from mythology and the stars. A winner.

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