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'Hope' is an enthralling read that hurtles the reader along.

This book is a dazzling new beginning, seen from the eyes of Sarragh the Sootstress.)

Taking a task set for her by unicorns, Sarragh will have reasons for regret and also breathtaking triumphs!

Named a changeling by some, Sarragh is certainly an unusual girl. That's why the intrepid Candela has chosen her for a task that no ordinary mortal might survive.

Sarragh's quick, unthinking eagerness to accept will lead her to hidden places that reveal old secrets and truths that challenge her beyond the remarkable.

Be captivated by the mystery of Hope, Mirabella's magic  and the changing world of Wish!


A book that can be read again and again. Read and loved by young readers and older ones, the age group target is for 12-16 year olds.

'Heart's flame sing loud and long

Bring me home with your brave song...'



"Tonight I discovered a secret. 

One so bold that my being recoils.

Yet, despite the disbelief,

my heart quickens with a reckless elation.

I cannot tell my secret.

Not yet.

For others to know it they must follow me

to places that 

whisper my name and draw the sinews of knowledge 

from my heart and mind..."



Book 4 - Hope.

Paperback & Kindle


The Unicorns of Wish books by Deby Adair are

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