The Third Wish


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The Third Wish


"I ask a question, this I ask of you

Is doing right, even if your heart should break

A greater thing than being happy

Whichever means that might take?

I ask a question, this I ask of you

Does a cheerful coward have greater worth

Than a hero who is sad, but true?"


Book 3 - The Third Wish.

Suitable reading age - 10-14 years of age.

 Chapter Books.

Paperback, Kindle,

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Dazzlereader19's review

It was amazing

Read 2 times. 

WOW! Just different to anything I expected. Not giving anything away, you get all sorts of stuff happening that you didn't ever expect, the unicorns are just fantastic, Rielle and Will are the best, won't say anything else cause I'm still in the story and missing the books already if that makes sense, just read them for yourself and find something you were always hoping for in books and now you've finally found it!! Of all the books I ever read this is my favourite trilogy in literally, years.