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"I ask a question, this I ask of you

Is doing right, even if your heart should break

A greater thing than being happy

Whichever means that might take?

I ask a question, this I ask of you

Does a cheerful coward have greater worth

Than a hero who is sad, but true?"


  Book 3  - The Third Wish.

Paperback & Kindle


Here ends the 'original' trilogy!

For a wonderful new take on all the characters you have grown to love, and new ones, scroll on for  Hope and Journey of Trees!

'The Third Wish' is a slightly 'deeper' read that carries the reader to its spellbinding, refreshing conclusion. It embodies the depth of imagination that makes fantasy what it should be: entrancing and inviting.


Read and loved by young readers and older ones, the age group target is for 12-16 year olds.


*Set free from an ages-old jinx, Willful James is granted an offering of unthinkable power. But, when in anger he slights the honour, his stubborn refusal will endanger not only the unicorns but also Rielle and the trusty group who risk all to save Wish and the outside world.*   

The Unicorns of Wish books

by Deby Adair

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