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Wish Again
An age-old legend comes to life.

The Ritual of Return tested, Candela stood tall. Then, she strode to

the doorway of the Tower and briefly paused. The gathering held its breath. Perhaps Candela would change her mind.

Just once, she looked back. “Destiny we are meeting,” she breathed.

Then, with so much dignity that Rielle finally wept, Candela stepped away from the safety of the Tower. She stepped lightly, and alone,

into the night, with all the love and power of the herd in her heart.

Rielle hunkered down and held Pud tightly, as if he might leave too.

Book 2 -Wish Again. Suitable reading age -12-14 years

Paperback, Kindle

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Unicorns of Wish
Unicorn Kisses-Deby Adair

Goodreads reviewer. See review


Karen Yeates: It was amazing  

I recently read the first three books of The Unicorns of Wish Book Series and was asked to give a review of them, as I volunteer a great deal with children in the capacity of care giver and mentor.

This series impressed me greatly. I took a great deal of care in reading this book, 'Wish Again', as I was reading it aloud to children while I myself was assessing it, just as I did with 'Wish' and 'The Third Wish'. Watching and listening to how the children were reacting, (I had a mixed group of nine year olds through to sixteen year olds,) it was interesting to be barraged with their questions and their reactions to the situations that occurred.

I will start by saying that the characters, which expanded into a larger group in this second book, were wonderful. Such warm and engaging personalities, with a dreamy unicorn quality mixed in, and of course, the sense of mystery around Rielle not being 'alone', that someone, or some thing is following her... it was thoroughly engaging and I was pleased that none of the kids, not even the older group, were ever bored.

Emotive, funny, captivating and busy, this is a book that the children fell in love with almost from the first paragraph as it races along at high speed and is hard to put down.

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