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An age-old legend comes

to life.

The Ritual of Return tested, Candela stood tall. Then, she strode to

the doorway of the Tower and briefly paused.

The gathering held its breath. Perhaps Candela would change her mind.

Just once, she looked back. “Destiny we are meeting,” she breathed.

Then, with so much dignity that Rielle finally wept, Candela stepped away from the safety of the Tower.

She stepped lightly, and alone, into the night, with all the love and power

of the herd in her heart.

Rielle hunkered down and held Pud tightly, as if he might leave too.

Book 2 -Wish Again.

Paperback & Kindle

'Wish Again' is a delightful stand-alone read or the captivating sequel to 'Wish'.

Be enthralled by the mighty unicorns, commanding First Ones and the glorious singing walking-wands.

Wish Again's age group target is for 12-14 year olds.


*Going back to Wish was the last thing on Rielle's mind! Wish seemed only good for trouble. But when the Bridge of the Long Forgotten is clean torn away, she has no choice. Then she meets the First One - he with his odd moods and magical singing wand, and everything changes.

It will be the unicorns - those graceful warriors who stand strong in the face of adversity and surge forward when it counts - who appear in Wish to sweep them all away into the arms of greater adventure.*

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The Unicorns of Wish books

by Deby Adair

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