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'Wish' is a delightful stand-alone read or the first book in The Unicorns of Wish book series.

Read about Rielle and the faithful Pud on their epic journey of discoveries and friendships and revel in this story of ultimate empowerment, majesty and destiny. Be captivated by the dream's beginning, the introduction to the world of Wish and the mighty unicorns. This book is an inviting, adventurous chapter book for young, capable readers who will enjoy a legend that sparks their imagination and gets their hearts racing!

'Wish' embodies the depth of imagination that makes fantasy what it should be: entrancing, fun and inviting. A book that can be read again and again and each time it will reveal another gem. Read and loved by young readers and older ones, the age group target is for 11-13 year olds.


From the mists of time there comes a

long-lost tale of unicorns



Headstrong and feisty, Rielle is lost, and she knows it. When she and the faithful Pud find themselves hopelessly alone in a wild landscape, they drift into an untamed forest.

Rielle has been in plenty of pickles, but the hairs rising on the back of her neck tell her that this time, things are going to be very different!




Book 1 -Wish

Paperback & Kindle

"Wish - A beautiful book.”

Illawarra Mercury

The Unicorns of Wish books

by Deby Adair

available for purchase online or order from your local bookstore.

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