The Unicorns  of Wish Books


From the mists of time there comes a

long-lost tale of unicorns



Headstrong and feisty, Rielle is lost, and she knows it. When she and the faithful Pud find themselves hopelessly alone in a wild landscape, they drift into an untamed forest.

Rielle has been in plenty of pickles, but the hairs rising on the back of her neck tell her that this time, things are going to be very different!


      Paperback & Kindle

Book 1 -Wish - Suitable reading age - 10 - 12 years of age. Chapter Books.



The Unicorns of Wish Books - UnicornKisses
The Unicorns of Wish Book series - UnicornKisses
Unicorns of Wish by Deby Adair
JOURNEY OF TREES -  by Deby Adair 2020 B
UnicornKisses Books by Deby Adair
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Goodreads Review from  Mick Gillies


Rielle is a young girl with her loving, faithful dog Pud. One day they chance upon Benny a Unicorn and his herd all of who welcome Rielle and allow her to become a member of their group. 
An amazing story indeed full of heart, gentleness and positiveness full of fun characters and meaningful thoughts. 
A perfect story for all ages, that can be read many times with each reading producing greater insights into life. Superbly written with superb characters and descriptive.
Also the artwork on the cover is amazing and truly sets the tone to the great tale within.

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