"They sang of pardons

        Of past, of present

They sang of purity.

Deep, deep, they sang

Of times of gold

Of land that’s old

Of brethren long forgotten.

And then they sang no more…"


"Journey of Trees"


"Captured by its plot, charmed by its characters, stirred by its insights and carried by its distinct and fetching language, I was transported and delighted by this book. This book, Journey of Trees, the last book in the Unicorns of Wish series, is itself a fascinating journey and, like all great books, an unforgettable and transformative experience."

Unicorn Books - Journey-of-Trees-UnicornKisses-Deby-Adair

"The Unicorns of Wish series - majesty, destiny, iconic friendships... a spellbinding world of mystery and empowerment.

This magical reading experience begins with a legend, a unicorn, a girl and a dog… and if you crave the thrill of a story that has heart and mystique… if you love stepping away from your life and entering another world and meeting characters that are moving, funny, genuine and true-to-life, in a place of forests, archetype, mists, unicorns, challenges and the heartfelt … if you ever imagined yourself on an adventure to unusual places… then perhaps you’re a seeker of other lands and other worlds… perhaps you can join us with other kindred spirits… in the world of WISH!"  Remember - Nothing is ever always what it seems...

Unicorn Kisses.

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